Auction Profile has many similarities with Market Profile. If you wish to learn more about Market Profile and Auction Market Theory, I recommend the following books and websites:

Steidlmayer on Markets: Trading with Market Profile 2nd edition

Peter Steidlmayer is the father of Market Profile. His earlier books, including the one that started it all “Markets and Market Logic” are now out of print.

Mind Over Markets: Power Trading with Market-Generated Information

Markets in Profile: Profiting from the Auction Process

The Old Testament and New Testament of Market Profile. These two books by Jim Dalton are the truly indispensable books on Market Profile. Mind Over Markets was reissued in 2013 with updated content.

Value-Based Power Trading

This is a free book in pdf form from Don Jones of Cisco Futures. Don Jones has done more than anyone else to improve understanding of Market Profile with many innovative ideas. The central idea in this book is the use of composite profiles to gain insight into development of value in markets. His website is jam-packed with information on Market Profile and Auction Market Theory and you should read all of it.

JPJ Trading

JP runs one of the longest-running and well-attended Market Profile chat rooms on the internet with over 100 members in his room on most days. JP runs free trials for his room a couple of times a year. He doesn’t advertise so sign up on his website to be informed when his next class begins. I have been a member of JP’s chat room for many years and still hang out there most days. JP also uses Auction Profile software in addition to his MP charts.

Ensign Software

I have used Ensign’s charting platform for over 13 years. Customer service is second to none.